You guys know hes younger than me, right? — Matt LaFleur and Arthur Smith exchange playful jabs – ESPN

It’s all fun and games until you bring somebody’s hair color preservation methods into it.

On Tuesday, Atlanta Falcons coach Arthur Smith seized the opportunity to throw some lighthearted shade at his friend and former colleague, Green Bay Packers coach Matt LaFleur.

Smith — who worked under LaFleur while LaFleur was the offensive coordinator of the Tennessee Titans in 2018 and took over playcalling duties after LaFleur left for Green Bay — suggested that his NFC rival may have a touch of good old-fashioned vanity when he commented to reporters that LaFleur spends too much time looking in the mirror before games.

Naturally, LaFleur couldn’t let his buddy’s remark go unanswered. On Wednesday, the Packers coach expounded that while he was busy checking that his clothes looked right, Smith was concerned with “trying to get his hair right with that Just For Men.”

For those who don’t know, Just For Men products are best known for their ability to combat graying hair.

LaFleur even removed his cap and revealed his decidedly not gray head to drive home the point, saying, “You guys know he’s younger than me, right?”


Smith didn’t seem too bothered by the accusation when it was time for his rebuttal, explaining that he’s “been going gray since 20.”

The Falcons coach did, however, point out the duration of time it took for his friend to come up with a response.

Smith concluded his thoughts on the matter by reiterating that the two are good friends and that he had spoken with LaFleur on the way to practice.

All’s well that ends well … for now.