WATCH: Tennessee players go wild for new black Dark Mode uniform – 247Sports

Tennessee fans on social media have had mixed but mostly positive reviews of the “Dark Mode” black uniform the Vols will wear for Saturday’s game against South Carolina.

As for the players … well … the uniform is a hit. A big hit.

Tennessee’s official Twitter account Wednesday afternoon released a video of Heupel unveiling the uniform to players after that morning’s practice.

Former Tennessee defensive end Chris Walker — now a Fellowship of Christian Athletes chaplain who works with UT athletes — was the model for Wednesday’s unveiling.

“From the moment I’ve gotten here, you guys have talked about one thing that I haven’t gotten accomplished, you know what I mean?” Heupel told the team. “You guys have wanted to put a new twist on an old tradition.”

Heupel then asked Walker — known to most as “C-Walk” — to step to the front of the circle. Walker covered the uniform with a large football rain jacket, and Heupel tore off the jacket. The players went wild.

Several players were shown reacting wildly on the video. Junior safety Jaylen McCollough stood silently in shock.

“Hey, dog, that’s different,” senior defensive back Theo Jackson said.

“Let me see this,” senior wide receiver Velus Jones Jr. said. “Oh, my goodness. You see that? Look at the details on this. Oh, my God.”

Jones then kissed the helmet — the only part of the uniform still mostly white, albeit with new black trim and a black face mask, as well as other minor alterations.

The Vols will wear the special-edition uniforms Saturday at Neyland Stadium in a noon Eastern game that will be broadcast by ESPN2.