Top 3 things to know from Day 2 at 2021 Bills training camp Josh Allen and –

1. Offense stays hot

We’ve heard multiple Bills coaches and players note that every season is different and there’s an element of starting over each year. While there may be a few new faces on this year’s offense, the passing offense and Josh Allen looked just as formidable as they were last season.

Allen and the wide receivers appear comfortable with each other and put together a slew of head-turning plays. In the second practice, all eyes were on Josh Allen, Cole Beasley, Emmanuel Sanders and Isaiah McKenzie.

Sanders spoke to the media after practice and during his first answer he couldn’t help but point out a crisp post play that Allen threw to Beasley.

“I think that we have a great team here,” Sanders said. “The past two practices have just been amazing. Seeing the offense and the defense, playing with Stef (Diggs) and Beas (Beasley) and Josh (Allen). I mean Josh made a throw today that I haven’t seen. A post ball to Cole Beasley, it was crazy, mouth dropping. I’ve been in the league for 12 years so I’m excited about what they’ve created out here.”

That Beasley grab was sandwiched between two other top-notch plays of the day. The play before, Allen tossed a quick pass to the sideline to link up with a tightly covered Sanders. Even though Sanders is new to the team, he has already displayed a nice connection with Allen. The third play was a nice pass from Mitchell Trubisky to McKenzie who jumped in the air near the sideline to grab the ball as cornerback Dane Jackson tried to knock it down.

“They look good, looks like they haven’t missed a beat,” safety Jordan Poyer shared. “Josh is out there commanding the offense. I mean obviously you got Diggs, Emmanuel, Cole Beasley out there, Gabe (Davis). Those guys are really taking over. It’s fun to watch and it’s fun to compete against. It’s only going to make us better.”

The competition in the wide receiver room is also going to make each player better. It’s obvious it will be tough to make the 53-man roster as a receiver because of all the great talent on the team right now. McKenzie, who had more than a few clean catches today, has always found a way to carve out a role for himself each season he has been with the Bills due to his diverse skillset.

“He’s able to go out there and read coverages and run his choice routes, run his option routes,” Poyer said as he pointed out McKenzie’s quickness. “He’s a fun player to watch. He’s out there talking a lot of mess and it’s always fun to compete against him.”

I don’t think any of us thought the Bills offense would look like they regressed from last season, but there’s something assuring about the offense looking like they haven’t missed a beat on day two of training camp practices.