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As Charles Robinson traverses the country visiting training camps, there’s been one question every general manager has been asking him: What’s going on with Deshaun Watson? You know we’re in uncharted territory when even high-powered NFL GMs don’t know what’s going to happen next.

Charles is joined by Yahoo’s Frank Schwab this week to discuss the offseason’s biggest lingering question: what are the Texans going to do with Deshaun Watson? Can we realistically expect him to be traded before the start of the season? What sort of haul could the Texans expect at this point? One thing’s for certain: the NFL has not seen a situation like this before.

Later in the show, Charles & Frank talk about Carson Wentz’ foot injury and how quickly the Indianapolis Colts’ 2021 season went from one full of optimism to one teetering on the verge of total collapse before a single game has been played. (21:00)

In the second half of the podcast, Charles talks about the three training camps he’s visited in the past week:

Do the Los Angeles Rams feel like they’re about to make a return visit to the Super Bowl with Matthew Stafford under center, even after the catastrophic loss of Cam Akers? (27:20)

A quarterback battle is brewing with the San Francisco 49ers between Jimmy Garoppolo and third-overall pick Trey Lance? Which does Charles expect to win the job? (42:00)

The Denver Broncos may have the strongest roster in the league…at every position except quarterback. How can new GM George Paton overcome this obstacle and is time running out for head coach Vic Fangio? (52:30)

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