Texans still want too much for Deshaun Watson – NBC Sports

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans

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The Texans made it known promptly after quarterback Deshaun Watson reported for training camp that they’re willing to trade him. The problem was, and still is, that they want too much for him.

Per a league source, the Texans still haven’t softened their trade expectations for Watson, despite the lingering uncertainty regarding his career.

It’s an odd position, given that teams are reluctant to acquire Watson given the possibility that he’ll be indicted by a grand jury, tried on criminal charges, and potentially convicted.

The latest twist comes courtesy of Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, who reported on Thursday night that the Texans have stopped returning phone calls from teams interested in Watson. That’s quite possibly because the Texans are sick of getting lowballed for Watson.

And so the Texans are stuck. They have Watson. He wants out. They apparently want him out. They owe him $10 million this year and $35 million in 2022. If he’s indicted, he likely will land on paid leave.