Robert Saleh: Jets have had a fight-free training camp because our players respect each other – NBC Sports

New York Jets Training Camp

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Training camp fights are common around the NFL, and coaches’ reactions to them can vary from Dan Campbell getting fired up by a fight at Lions camp to Joe Judge getting furious after a fight at Giants camp. But Jets coach Robert Saleh has a different perspective.

Saleh said today that he’s pleased the Jets haven’t had fights at his first training camp as head coach, and he sees that as a simple matter of players showing respect for each other.

“I think this team really cares about one another,” Saleh said. “I think these guys understand what each person puts in every day and I think they respect the work that they’re trying to put on tape. I think when you see fights is when players are being cheap and doing extra and really trying to hurt another person’s career. Playing your tail off and playing with effort and technique and a little bit of physicality is not cheap. That’s just part of football. And I think these guys respect one another.”

Saleh’s perspective is a good one: Training camp fights may be common around the NFL, but that doesn’t mean they’re acceptable. Saleh is presiding over a more respectful culture with the Jets.