Rivers Cuomo Covered “Sugar, Were Goin Down” Since Fall Out Boy Couldnt Play Last Nights Hella Mega Concert – Stereogum

Yesterday, the Hella Mega Tour, the biggest rock spectacle of this strange and tentative little moment, hit a big speedbump. A few hours before the big Green Day/Fall Out Boy/Weezer show came to New York’s Citi Field, Fall Out Boy announced that someone in their camp and tested positive for COVID-19 and that the band would have to skip the New York and Boston shows as a precaution. (Fall Out Boy also pointed out that everyone on the tour, bands and crews, is fully vaccinated.) Last night, the show went down in New York without Fall Out Boy, and one of the band’s tourmates gave them a salute.

Near the end of Weezer’s set, right in between “El Scorcho” and “Island In The Sun,” frontman Rivers Cuomo, rocking his new hesher look, played a solo cover of Fall Out Boy’s 2005 smash “Sugar, We’re Going Down.” Cuomo clearly didn’t have time to rehearse the song too much, and there’s at least one flub in his version, but the cover was more a gesture of goodwill than anything else. The audience treated it as such.

Cuomo’s “Sugar, We’re Going Down” was clearly intended as a full-stadium singalong, and that’s what it became. While playing, Cuomo urged the crowd to sing “louder, so they can hear you.” Watch a video of Cuomo playing the song below.

The Hella Mega Tour comes to Boston tonight without Fall Out boy. As of right now, Fall Out Boy are scheduled to rejoin in time for the 8/8 show in Washington, DC.