Mom dragged from car, beaten in front of daughter for honking at dirt-bike, ATV riders – New York Post

A Rhode Island mom was dragged from her car and beaten in the street in front of her young daughter — just for honking at a group of dirt-bike riders blocking the road, according to police and distressing video of the attack.

The unidentified 35-year-old woman was driving with her 8-year-old daughter Tuesday when she honked at the bikers and ATV riders who “disregarded two full cycle of traffic lights,” WLNE said, citing a police report.

As she drove off, she was chased and “surrounded by a large group of ATVs and dirt bikes,” the report said.

Several of the group hopped off their rides and opened the mom’s door, dragging her from her car and beating her in the street as her daughter watched on, the report said.

Video of the attack shows a woman on her knees in the street as someone grabs her by the hair and repeatedly punches her.

The woman, wearing blue shorts, is surrounded by other attackers, and appears to almost have her top yanked off as she lost a shoe while struggling to ward off the attackers, who fling her on the ground.

Video of the attack shows a woman on her knees in the street as someone grabs her by the hair and repeatedly punches her.
A woman was repeatedly punched after being pulled from her car.

It was not immediately clear how badly injured she was in what Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza damned as “an awful incident.”

Councilman David Salvatore also condemned the attack, telling WLNE, “A woman driving in her car with her infant child should not have to fear being a victim of brutal physical violence.”

Police on Thursday arrested a 24-year-old woman, Shyanne Boisvert, and charged her with assault and disorderly conduct in connection to the attack, WPRI said.

She was arraigned Friday morning on the two misdemeanor charges and ordered not to contact the victim, the paper said.

Boisvert was ordered held without bail for violating her parole from a January case also involving her blocking traffic on her bike — with her pushing a cop who tried to intervene, the outlet said.

She was sentenced to one year of probation and 20 hours of community service in that case, the reports said.

Mayor Elorza insisted that the city would “continue to dedicate all our available resources to getting these illegal ATVs off our streets and to bring those responsible to justice.”

“Our police department has seized and destroyed over 200 bikes and we will continue to pull over and arrest people who are using these bikes illegally,” he said.