MLB fans destroyed Mets owner Steve Cohens tweet about not signing Kumar Rocker – For The Win

Cohen said that he doesn’t shy away from investments that can make up a huge return right *after* he shied away from an investment that could make him a huge return. Not to mention that Cohen’s way of looking at it was awfully dehumanizing because this move basically wasted a year of Rocker’s professional baseball career. A year of a person’s life.

Rocker can’t sign elsewhere with big-league affiliated clubs. He just has to train for a year or play in notoriously low-paying independent leagues.

According to ESPN, the Mets and Rocker had a $6 million deal in place that fell apart after medical examination. But by not signing Rocker, the Mets essentially left $1.3 million of their draft player pool unspent.

And sure, MLB clubs shy away from prospects with arm issues because teams are risk averse. Rocker did show the obvious red flags last season with a decline in velocity. But they knew that before drafting him, and you’re still talking about an owner worth $16 billion passing up on a potential star at a low price. All because the Mets didn’t want to wait on a possible rehabilitation that we don’t even know Rocker needs.

The MLB Draft is designed to suppress player bonuses, and Cohen just admitted it.