Joel Kinnaman Files Restraining Order Against Model Allegedly Threatening Harm Against Him and His Family – E! NEWS

Joel Kinnaman has filed for a temporary restraining order against a Swedish model he claims is trying to extort him.

According to documents from the Los Angeles Superior Court, the Suicide Squad star requested the order against Gabriella Magnusson, who also goes by the name Bella Davis, on Friday, Aug. 6. Soon after, the actor took to Instagram and shared the reasoning behind his legal move.

“Earlier this morning, I filed for a restraining order against a woman who has been threatening to physically harm me and my family and loved ones, and attempting to extort money and other things of value from me,” he wrote to his 1.3 million followers. “While it is mortifying and scary to come forward about all of this, what feels worse is enduring the escalating daily threats of physical harm to me and my loved ones and threats to go to the press with fabricated, vile rumors unless I agree to a list of demands that includes money, Hollywood connections, helping to secure a work visa, a verified Instagram page, a Wikipedia page, a photoshoot with Sports Illustrated, an additional $400,000 USD for an apartment and more.” 

According to Joel, he had a romantic relationship with the model when he was single in late 2018.