Jimmy Graham says he was “basically forced into getting the vaccine” – NBC Sports

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The NFL Players Association has made clear that it will fight any attempt by the NFL to force players to get vaccinated. But the NFLPA is advocating forcing vaccinated players to get tested for COVID-19 more frequently, and Bears tight end Jimmy Graham appears to be upset with his union over the latest development.

Graham posted the NFLPA’s memo advocating more frequent mandatory testing of vaccinated players on Twitter, and Graham indicated that he is not on board.

“Was basically forced into getting the vaccine. Now I’m just confused. @NFLPA,” Graham wrote.

Graham did the right thing by getting the vaccine, whether he felt “basically forced” into it or not. But he’s surely not the only player who’s now wondering why his union is advocating that management force him to get tested more frequently, after he already did the responsible thing and got the COVID-19 vaccine.