Jamie Tartt is back with AFC Richmond and ready to prove he’s changed in this Ted Lasso clip – The A.V. Club

Jamie Tartt

Jamie Tartt
Photo: Courtest of Apple

After leaving Manchester City and getting booted from his reality show, Jamie Tartt is back with AFC Richmond—but the team is not giving him a very enthusiastic welcome. Their reception is positively icy and in this clip from today’s episode of Ted Lasso, it appears Jamie is going to have to work really hard to get in the team’s good graces.

In the clip, the Richmond is out practicing on the pitch when Ted informs Jamie that he’ll be starting off on the reserve team. It’s a pretty huge change for the spotlight-obsessed Jamie but he takes it all in stride. “I figured it would be good for the fellas to see ya earn your spot back,” Ted tells him. When Jamie left Richmond, sure, he took his winning streak with him—but he also left behind a lot of bad blood and we’re sure the rest of his teammates wouldn’t mind seeing him suffer a little bit.

“Nothing more likable than watching somebody humbly overcome their blessing with their effort,” Jamie says while punching the air and showcasing some fancy footwork. And though he agrees when Ted tells him to make sure he doesn’t “try to do too much out there,” Ted and the rest of the coaches look very nervous.

Jamie has a bit of a track record of almost doing the right thing, and then veering off into chaos land at the last minute instead of following through. We watched him do it with his botched apology to Keely in season one after the auction, and we watched him do it again when Roy Kent tried to get him to be a real leader and instead of encouraging the mistreatment of Nathan in the locker room. Jamie is a bit of a wildcard and it’s really no wonder everyone is remaining steadfast in their suspicion. Prove it, Mr. Tartt, it’s time for some groveling!

“Do the Right-est Thing” airs today on Apple TV+.