Injury updates on D’Andre Swift, Tyrell Crosby, Michael Brockers, Julian Okwara as Lions downshift to walk-th –

ALLEN PARK — The good news is the Detroit Lions have not suffered a major injury in training camp. The bad news is the Detroit Lions have suffered a bunch of minor injuries in training camp, enough so that they’re downgrading Thursday’s practice to a walk-through.

Head coach Dan Campbell said that was kind of the plan all along, after strapping on pads the last two days.

“The guys, I think they’ve done a hell of a job up to this point,” Campbell said. “The way they’ve practiced, it’s what I had hoped for. And, you know, I really felt like these guys attacked it, they put in the work. We had an outstanding day yesterday. Now, there was some slop we got to clean up fundamentally, but I’ll tell you what, as far as coming out and trying to get stuff done, put in the work, competing, giving everything you got, trying to win the rep, understanding what we’re trying to get done what we wanted to get done, it was a pretty aggressive practice. And I do think hitting, I think tackling, has to be a part of it. It’s the essence of defense. Breaking a tackle, running after the catch, all those things. So I think we did some of that.

“Now I knew this was going to be a tough week for them. I told them early in the week, I said, ‘Listen, we come off the day off, it’s very much like an acclimation day, which was Monday. (Then) we’re going to red line you for two days in pads,’ which we did. And then I told them we’d back way off on Thursday, which is today. But I said, ‘You got to put in the work.’ And they did. This is what I wanted, so we’re going to have a kind of extended walk-through today. I’m much more about quality over quantity. I didn’t want to come out and just continue to — you can only red line them for so long before something blows out, and you’re not going to get the work you want.”

Campbell also provided updates on many of the injuries that occurred this week.

(Apparently the Detroit Lions head coach is allowed to provide injury updates. Who knew? Signed, a veteran of the Matt Patricia era.)

— The most serious injury of camp was suffered by offensive lineman Tyrell Crosby, who has a Grade 1 hamstring pull. He could be out for a few days. “He’s going to be down a little bit,” Campbell said. “We think this could be (about a week). We’ll see where he’s at today, tomorrow, but yeah, he did, he pulled his hammy.”

— Running back D’Andre Swift has been practicing through some tightness in his groin. His workload was scaled back in recent days as the Lions try to prepare him for a season where he’s expected to be RB1. “He’s good,” Cambell said. “He’s bound pretty tight. He runs hot. And so, you know, we’re trying to get him back. We’re just trying to make sure we’re being smart with how we give him his work, you know?”

— Edge Julian Okara suffered a rib contusion in practice on Wednesday. He left the workout early with a trainer before returning with an ice pack strapped to his side. The injury is minor and he should be back soon. “He should be fine,” Campbell said. “I expect him to be back out there not today, but tomorrow.”

— Cornerback Jerry Jacobs has a thigh contusion after he was stepped on by another player on Wednesday.

— Defensive lineman Michael Brockers, acquired in a trade with the Los Angeles Rams, is getting some veteran rest these days. He hasn’t suited up all week as the Lions try to manage the veteran’s load. “We’re just trying to be smart with Brock, man,” Campbell said. “Brock is a 10-year vet, and he’s slugged it out for a long time now, and we kind of know what he can do, so we’re just trying to be smart. He’ll get his reps — they’ll come — but we kind of know what he is.”

— There was a bit of good injury news too, with offensive lineman Evan Brown coming off the non-football injury list for Thursday’s walk-through. That means three of the 14 offensive linemen who will be on the practice field are named Evan — last names Brown, Boehm and Heim.

“We got all the Evans back,” Campbell said. “So we’ll just pull a name out of a hat and say, ‘Hey, Evan, get in there,’ and see which one runs in there to get some reps, see what happens.”