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10:49 AM3 hours ago

New champions

After tying in regular time, overtime and penalty kicks, sudden death defined the women’s gold in a penalty kick perfectly taken by Julia Grosso.

10:48 AM3 hours ago


Adivina Labbe to Andersson

10:47 AM3 hours ago


Deanne Rose poses el 2-2

10:46 AM3 hours ago


Caroline Seager is third in a row to miss from the penalty spot

10:45 AM3 hours ago


Gilles also gives the ball to the goalkeeper and misses for Canada.

10:44 AM3 hours ago


SCHOUGH Olivia, gives the advantage for the Europeans

10:43 AM4 hours ago


LAWRENCE Ashley charges but the Swedish goalkeeper guesses right.

10:41 AM4 hours ago


BJORN Nathalie places the 1-1

10:40 AM4 hours ago


Jessie Fleming perfectly scores the shot to her left side.

10:38 AM4 hours ago


Asllani Kosovare hits the post and misses the first for Sweden

10:33 AM4 hours ago


There will be penalty kicks! The gold will be defined from eleven penalty kicks

10:26 AM4 hours ago


Beninsson takes a risk to get the shot off but it passes too close to the goal.

10:12 AM4 hours ago


Court change, tie continues

10:09 AM4 hours ago


Powerful shot by Andersson

10:01 AM4 hours ago


Julia Grosso takes the long distance shot with courage

10:00 AM4 hours ago


Canada change. Allysha Chapman out, Jayde Riviere in.

9:58 AM4 hours ago


First overtime begins

9:51 AM4 hours ago

Extra time

Swedes and Canadians tied at 1:1, extra time to define the gold medal

9:49 AM4 hours ago


4 minutes of regular time are added

9:43 AM5 hours ago


SINCLAIR Christine sale, HUITEMA Jordyn entra.

9:36 AM5 hours ago


Sweden changes. Out: Filippa Angeldal, Sofia Jakobsson, Magdalena Eriksson. In: Jonna Anderson, Lina Hurting and Hanna Bennison

9:24 AM5 hours ago


Goal! Jessie Fleming ties it from the penalty spot.

9:24 AM5 hours ago


It’s a penalty kick! The penalty is awarded

9:22 AM5 hours ago


VAR review for possible penalty kick in Canada’s favor

9:20 AM5 hours ago


Out Nichelle Prince, in Deanne Rose

9:12 AM5 hours ago


Canada gives up the ball. Angendal tries on goal

9:05 AM5 hours ago


Second half resumes

9:03 AM5 hours ago


Quinn and Janine Beckie are out, Julia Grosso and Adriana León are in.

8:47 AM5 hours ago


Sweden goes into the break with the lead. Blackstenius goal at 34′.

8:44 AM5 hours ago


GOOOOOAL. Sweden takes the lead after a mistake in the Canadian start. Blackstenius gets his fifth goal of the Olympics.

8:39 AM6 hours ago


Swedish team demands penalty review but Russian referee does not grant the break

8:34 AM6 hours ago


Janine Beckie is cautioned

8:29 AM6 hours ago


Fridolina Rolfo tries to surprise Stephanie Labbe, but the Canadian is very good with the ball.

8:24 AM6 hours ago


Eriksson hits a right-footed shot and Sweden begins to settle into the attack.

8:19 AM6 hours ago


Canada completes its first dangerous move, the ball goes wide of the Swedish goal.

8:14 AM6 hours ago

Kick off!

Sweden and Canada begin their duel in search of Olympic Gold

8:09 AM6 hours ago

Almost ready!

Olympic gold medal race to begin shortly

8:04 AM6 hours ago

Canada substitutes

Shelina  Zadorsky, Deanne Rose, Julia Grosso, Jayde Riviere, Adriana León, Kailen Sheridan, Jordyn Huitema

7:59 AM6 hours ago

Canada starting lineup

Stephanie Labbe, Allysha Chapman, Kadeisha Buchanan, Quinn, Ashley Lawrence, Desiree Scott, Christine Sinclair, Vanessa Gilles, Nichelle Prince, Janine Beckie, Jessie Fleming

7:54 AM6 hours ago

Sweden substitutes

Jonna Anderssson, Emma Kullberg, Hanna Benninson, Lina Hurtig, Jennifer Falk, Olivia Schough, Anna Anvegard

7:49 AM6 hours ago

Sweden Starting lineup

Hedvig Lindahl, Hanna Glas, Magdalena Eriksson, Kosovare Asllani, Sofía Jakobsson,   Stina Blackstenius, Amanda Ilestedt, Nathalie Bjorn, Filippa Angeldal, Caroline Seger, Fridolina Rolfo

7:44 AM6 hours ago

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7:39 AM7 hours ago

How to watch Sweden – Canada Live Stream on TV and Online?

7:34 AM7 hours ago

Key player Sweden

7:29 AM7 hours ago

Key Player Canada

7:24 AM7 hours ago

Last lineup Canada

Kadeisha Buchanan, Stephanie Labbé, Quinn, Deanine Rose, Jayde Riviere, Adriana Leon, Ashley Lawrence, Evelyne Viens, Vanessa Gilles, Janine Beckie, Sophie Schmidt.

7:19 AM7 hours ago

Last lineup Sweden

Lindahl, Glass, Ilestedt, Björn, Ericksson, Angeldahl, Asilani, Seger, Jakobsson, Blackstenius, Rölfo.

7:09 AM7 hours ago

Canada: A new opportunity

7:04 AM7 hours ago

Sweden: Great tournament

6:54 AM7 hours ago

The match will be played at the Olympic Stadium Tokio

6:49 AM7 hours ago

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