GAME THREAD: Slovenia vs France – Mavs Moneyball

WHO: Slovenia vs France

WHAT: Olympic Basketball

WHERE: Tokyo, Japan

WHEN: 6:00 a.m. CST

HOW: or NBC sports app.

THE STORY: Slovenia, a tiny country of just over 2.1 million people, is taking on France in the Olympic basketball semi final contest. The winner makes it to the gold medal game, the loser will play the loser of USA vs Australia (happening as I’m writing this).

Nicolas Batum told reporters earlier today “If I could, I’d bring Kawhi to defend him, but unfortunately he’s not a Frenchman,” which is the kind of comment one makes when they wholly respect an opponent. At this point in the tournament, all the rosters and teams are good and the French national team is no different. They boast five NBA players including one of the best defensive centers in the world in Rudy Gobert.

Good luck to our Slovenian friends, stateside we’re all rooting for you.

If you need additional audio to listen to during breaks in the game, I recorded a long Green Room with Mavericks fans here. Or you can find the Mavs Moneyball podcast however you listen to podcasts.