Eagle County seeing ‘breakthrough’ COVID cases among vaccinated – 9News.com KUSA

No new mask mandates on the horizon — at least for now.

EAGLE COUNTY, Colo. — Here’s some unfortunate news: You can be vaccinated against COVID-19 and still contract the virus. Thanks, delta variant.

The problem is twofold with the delta variant: Unvaccinated people are contracting the mutated virus, which spreads and reproduces quickly enough to overwhelm the protection vaccines provide. That new variant is also more communicable.

Vail Health Population Health Director Chris Lindley said at this point, health care professionals say that virtually every new COVID case is the delta variant, since 83% of all diagnosed cases are that variant.

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The vaccines are “remarkable” at preventing hospitalizations and deaths, Lindley said.

“There’s a benefit to being vaccinated — it’s our best protection against COVID,” said Heath Harmon, Eagle County’s public health director. “But there’s no such thing as a vaccine that’s 100% effective.”